Why Choose Us

At OTC we are proud of our manufacturing accomplishments and capabilities. The combination of experience, quality control, precision equipment and customer satisfaction have enabled us to remain at the front of our industry. We invite you to look at some of our services; our business is built on the foundation of anticipating your needs and expediting the manufacturing process so that our customers receive high quality products in the least amount of time possible.

• Fast and convenient ordering: order placement is right here at your fingertips. We receive orders in whatever form is easiest for you: fax, phone, email or postal service and we always welcome walk in orders!

• Custom manufacturing and design: we can design products from concept to completion or produce straight from your specifications. Once the order is placed, we evaluate the requirements and determine what process best suits your product. A work order is then generated and each operation is detailed for our shop technicians.

• Product finishing: after each part is produced we thoroughly finish it. It is deburred, polished, cleaned and packed so that it arrives to you complete and ready to use.

• Quality control: We ensure the highest possible standard of excellence for your product through rigorous inspection and testing. A Final Inspection Report is completed for you so you can be sure your part is meeting exact standards and specifications.

• Product shipment: products are packaged, labeled and shipped according to your requirements. (Any over-runs are moved to our inventory.) Our goal is to provide the most expedient and efficient delivery.

• Customer satisfaction assurance: we take the utmost pride in every aspect of our operation which is reflected in the quality and reliability of our products and the excellence of the customer relationships we have built. Made in the U.S.A still means a lot to us and your satisfaction is first priority.