About Us

Our mission is to build relationships by a thorough understanding of your needs; always offering the most up-to-date operations, capabilities and technologies.

Through the years we have continued to build on firm bedrock of experience and expertise. Our main strength lies in our responsiveness, which is a characteristic our customers have come to value immensely. Our expert manufacturing processes pay close attention to detail, tolerance and will accept only the highest quality, which is combined with prompt quotes and speedy delivery.

Olympic Tool is a premier contract manufacturing shop that produces precision parts and components to exact customer specifications. We serve a variety of industries including: microwave, lighting, food and beverage, environmental, valve and high technology, as well as subcontracting for other machine shops. We offer you flexible and responsive services with practically limitless versatility. Whether a single piece or high volume production, we manufacture, finish, assemble and then test to assure adherence to our customers’ exact specifications. Cutting, turning and grinding are available for just about any material and our controlled climate facility ensures against the possibility of compromise of any customer specification, all which leads to the highest consistency and quality products available.